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Die Pfannkuchens

Die Pfannkuchens

Welcome to the Website of "The Pancakes".

22 Jan 2016
The fear of the dentist in children: What can parents do? We are all more or less anxious and that for good reason. Fear prevents situations that put us in danger. It is a natural reflex to retain the physical integrity. Fear is implemented very early as a fundamental feeling and leads to detection of perceived and real risk situations, especially in children. However, overanxiety can cause that we avoid certain situations in which we are certainly entitle to have anxiety, but keep us away from maintaining health. Though this is very difficult to convey even to many adults. So…
03 Aug 2015
Each of us has one. Some even more. Each of us uses it. But do we really need it? Many are already addicted, but nobody wants to admit it. We are just too dependent on the technology. Above all the smartphones. Unfortunately, the social skills suffer because of it. "Thankfully" I grew up in a time when there wasn't so much technology. We met together and played football or concocted other nonsense. Whether this is better or not, is another question. But meanwhile I do not exclude myself. Especially as an IT consultant you are constantly surrounded by all the…
16 Jul 2015
Hello Friends, the last time has been quite busy and we didn't have the opportunity to maintain our homepage as we should. But now we managed to give this site a new look (layout) as well as some updates and changes. Stuff like this is always a small up to a bigger project for me. I love it. But now I don't have anything to do... Well, it doesn't matter! I'll surely find something new. The three of us are trying to keep you up to date. So just look around a little and if you want you can contact…
21 Apr 2015
Already a year has passed and our baby is now one year old! With 4 teeth she can eat pretty well and thanks to crawling she can explore the whole flat. Soon Emilia will run everywhere around!  You can find pictures of her first birthday here: Pictures
24 May 2014
Finally there are some pictures of Emilia. We decided to show only a selection of these. Surely there will be more in time. Have fun. Pictures from Gallery
20 Apr 2014
On Friday, April 18th 2014 at 8:24 AM our little daughter Emilia Nadeschda (pron. Nadjeschda) came into the world. She weighed 6lb and was 1ft 7 inches tall.  Mother and daughter are in good health and it seems that Emilia likes it here. Bryan tries to take good care of his two girls so they won't miss anything.  
13 Mar 2014
From now on Tanja has maternity protection and she loves her free time at home. The countdown has started: Only six weeks until the estimated due date! 
28 Feb 2014
A really nice video. I need to laugh everytime.  


18 Feb 2014
... a little daughter!!!
14 Feb 2014
... well, we won't reveal it yet. We learned about it from our doctor on monday. Whoever is following this homepage might find something till WEDNESDAY. Until then you need to have a little patience. 

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